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An enriched, educational and play programme

for children on holiday in Queenstown, New Zealand.

What we do

We offer adventures where children can explore, discover, create, inquire and learn new knowledge in a natural environment.

Our programme includes visiting local areas of interest such as seeing native birds including the kiwi, short ‘bush walks’, children being given the opportunty to play by the water, where they can delight in experiences such as swinging from ropes, climbing trees, building dams, digging in the sand and other everyday play experiences. There are seasonal opportunities too, including playing in the snow!

Returning to base, our educational programme includes experiences such as painting, play dough, clay, music, carpentry, water and stories.

Why Choose True Kiwi Play?


We offer an authentic Kiwi learning experience.

Our philosophy in teaching is one of a ‘hands on’ approach, providing children with experiences in a natural environment and authentic to New Zealand. Through our programme, children can explore, discover, create, inquire and learn new knowledge.

Children have the opportunity to have fun creating their own morning tea and lunch such as making kiwiana pikelets, barbecuing food and toasting marshmallows with a balanced focus on nutritional foods and treats specific to New Zealand.

This is peace of mind for parents that while you are experiencing the adventures of Queenstown, your children are also receiving a quality experience authentic to New Zealand.

Flexible Programme

We have fun, whatever the weather!

We can get quite diverse weather here in Queenstown, so we provide clothing to meet the weather conditions, including sun-hats, beanies, jackets, boots and gloves.

There is also flexibility within the programme for any special activities you would like your children to experience. Please contact us before your appointment if you have any special requests or requirements.

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Some of our more commonly asked questions about True Kiwi Play…

Do you offer refunds?

Yes we do. The amount refunded is calculated as follows:

  • 2 weeks prior to booking date – reimburse 75%
  • 1 weeks prior to booking date – reimburse 50%
  • 3 days or less prior to booking date- no refund.
What ages do you take?

True Kiwi Play is for children aged from 2 years to around 12 years old. In special circumstances we can take children who are slightly older or younger but please contact us first to confirm this before making your booking.

Are your activities flexible?

They certainly are! We choose activities that are appropriate for the day, the kids and the weather.

Can we request a special day?

You sure can. We are happy to organise a special activity if you have one in mind. There are limitless options: a trip to Arrowtown, fun at the SITE trampoline park…. just contact us to chat about what we can do.

We have some special requirements. Is that OK?
Absolutely! We are trained educators with experience working with all sorts of children’s specific needs including dietary requirements. Just add a comment in the comment section when you make your booking. Or give us a call to talk more about it.
What is included?
Your child’s True Kiwi Play day includes:

  • appropriate clothing (gloves, over-trousers and sunhats, puffer jackets, beanies etc)
  • food (morning/afternoon tea, lunch)
  • all playing / drawing / activity materials
  • trained and experienced educators
  • lots of fun!

Enriched, educational fun.

Discover True Kiwi Play!